Ep 8: The United Nations and making change with Louise Allen

October 22, 2018

Louise Allen spent 4 years as Executive Director of the NGO Working Group on Women Peace and Security at the UN in New York. She shares her insight into how the UN works and how it can be a vehicle for social change. She also shares what it is like to work in an environment where many people struggle to cope with the working conditions.

Louise is now a consultant that you can hire! Check her out on twitter @AllenLouiseA

Hosted by Emily Mulligan @emilycmulligan


Ep 7: Paige Burton spoke to 50,000 young people

October 8, 2018

Paige Burton was 2017’s Australian Youth Representative to the UN where she ran a mega consultation of young people in every state and territory and electorate. 

You can follow her @Paige_Burton and even better, hire her paigeburton.com.au


With host @emilycmulligan 


Ep 6: Dr Alex Wodak on how he helped stop an epidemic

September 7, 2018

Public health is cool! Prevnetion of disease is smart! But most of the world is locked into a miserable war on drugs that makes no sense financially, medically or from any perspective. 

I talk to Dr Alex Wodak who helped open Australia's first Medically Supervised Injecting Centre and is head of The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation

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Ep 5: Scott Ludlam and how the Jabiluka blockade changed his life

August 20, 2018

The Jabiluka blockade in the late nineties was an iconic win for land rights, for anti-nuclear activism, for conservation. In 1998 Scott Ludlam joined the blockade - twenty years later he was an Australian Senator.


He shares some wisdom and thoughts with me at the pub. 


Ep 4: Anti Apartheid win w Meredith Burgmann

August 15, 2018

Masterclass in fighting racism, bold non violent direct action and *winning* a huge victory against apartheid South Africa with Meredith Burgmann. 


Ep 3: Using humour and art w Pauline Pantsdown

August 8, 2018

How can music, art and humour change the world and smash racism? This episode is a discussion with Simon Hunt about his work as Pauline Pantsdown. From cutting up cassette tapes to running an online community and fake "No" camapign during the marriage equality survey. 

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Ep 2: Streets Boycott w AMWU George Simon and Georgia Kriz

August 1, 2018

When parent company Unilever tried to throw out Streets Ice Cream workers' agreement, the Sydney factory workers stood to lose their hard won working conditions and faced a huge pay cut. 

This episode is a conversation with George Simon @george_simon and Georgia Kriz @georgiakriz from the AMWU @theamwu about their fun, successful (and risky!) campaign for these workers' rights. 


Hosted by Emily Mulligan @emilycmulligan

Produced by Ben Raue (Thanks Ben!!) @benraue


Ep 1: Uluru Statement from the Heart w Thomas Mayor

July 23, 2018

Discussion with Uluru Statement from the Heart ambassador Thomas Mayor in Darwin. Read the full statement here: https://www.1voiceuluru.org/

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Hosted by Emily Mulligan @emilycmulligan